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Set Schedule to Scan

Maintaining regular scan is an efficient way to keep PC running risk free. Our free anti-spyware software will help set up schedules for regular scan on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. No need to remember when you have last scanned you PC and let Security Guru Free perform automatically. Now, download and install Security Guru Free to set schedule to scan.

Step 1. Activate Customize Process Window

Launch Security Guru Free and click "Customize scan".

Activate Customize Process Window

Then click "Configure scheduled scanning" and you will turn on task scheduler.

Activate Schedule Window

Step 2. Specify Schedule

Check "Scan on a schedule" to let the scanning task process on Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Then, you can specify the scan areas and scanning mode. The files larger than the certain size you customized can be ignored. Click "Save" and the program will take proper action for all detected malware.

For detailed customization, please go to How to Specify Scan Process.

Set Schedule to Scan