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Some free anti-spyware Paid anti-spyware Security Guru Free
Some so-called free anti-spyware may cost nothing, but provide you poor quality and awful experience. So, money is not the only thing to consider. Professional, or let's say, too professional for preliminary users to learn. Confusing terms, parameters, graphics... Also, it takes some bucks & some time to purchase online. You need $0 to use our free security guru without limitation. Download here to enjoy the fast & easy spyware removing

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Anti-spyware software comparison table

  Some free Anti-spyware Paid Anti-spyware Security Guru Free
Free yes no yes
Safe no yes yes
Easy interface yes no yes
Abundant instructions & tips no yes yes
Remove malware/spyware no yes yes
Detect new and unknown malware threats no yes yes
Backup and restore changes no yes yes
Custom scan options no yes yes
Express scan mode no yes yes
Complete system scan no yes yes
Ignore files no yes yes
Scheduled scanning no yes yes
Detailed scan results no yes yes
Online updates no no yes
Detailed malware descriptions no yes yes
User manual or guide no yes yes
Free customer support no yes yes
No limitation no yes yes
No registration no no yes
Windows OS/support - Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64 bit) Win7/8 no yes yes