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Technical support may be acquired by e-mail. Please contact us at If you are a registered user, please include your registration name in the e-mail.

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SysBlast Corporation, founded in 2005, is a security research center dedicated to providing the latest powerful and professional anti-spyware software. Our threat research team identifies spyware, trojans, rootkits and other malware threats and develops tools against them. They actively analyze new malware infections and update the anti-spyware tools regularly. Our products have helped thousands of millions users securely and easily protect their computers from malware attack and gain a solid reputation.

We value our customers and never forget that they come to us by choice. And we have benefited much from the feedback and valuable suggestions from them. We will constantly make our efforts on anti-malware research and development serve as your guiding path into staying protected from malware.

3126 Ridge Creek Drive
Dinuba, CA 93618

Edwin Richards

Phone: 1 559-591-2353
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If you have any comments or concerns about our products direct them to Your feedback is important to us in order to get an idea of how to make our products a better product for you. Many of the features and the significant portions of our program interface have been greatly changed due to the user's comments. So if you have a good idea of a new feature, or a better way of doing something, please drop us a note.

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Scan & Remove Spyware for Comprehensive PC Security Protection

Dinuba, CA, USA. - : SysBlast Corporation has updated its software, Security Guru Free, a free anti-spyware program which helps scan and remove any malware on your computer to solve your various malware problems.