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Security Guru Free is just like radar, scanning your registry, boot area, system objects, etc. to find those malware installed. These threats are hiding in your system and waiting for any chance to steal your private data. Never neglect them even if your antivirus is up-to-date and not screaming - they may not be marked as threats. Antivirus software is not a catch-all for every bit of malware out there, while Security Guru Free, can solve the problem in tree easy steps: Scan, Select and Remove!

Security Guru Free Helps Scan, Detect and Remove Spyware to Keep Your PC Safe, Clean & Stable

Detect & Remove Spyware

Trying to remove spyware will not be a fruitless and frustrating experience any more. Security Guru Free will scan your computer and locate every spyware, worm, trojans and thousands of other malicious components, even the tiniest remains of them. It will remove them immediately and make sure that they never rise again.

Specify Scan Process

As a free anti-spyware program, Security Guru Free will not let off any part of your computer during detection. It scans the boot sectors, memory, ActiveX objects, autorun objects, system folders, and so on. In addition, you can make custom scan to detect the malware in whole PC, C: drive only, or a specified folder. It also allows setting a certain size in a filter to ignore files during scanning.

Set Schedule to Scan

Maintaining regular scan is an efficient way to keep PC running risk free. Our free anti-spyware software will help set up schedules for regular scan on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. No need to remember when you have last scanned you PC and let Security Guru Free perform automatically.

Restore Changes

Our free anti-spyware offers backup of your previous files and settings before making any changes to them and list all changes clearly so that you can easily restore them if unknown errors arise or you want to perform the cleaning later until the job at hand is done. It's like a double insurance to safeguard computer while protecting the integrity of your data.