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Users testimonials

I like Security Guru Free for it helps me detect some malware that other similar programs fail to detect. Gorgeous anti-malware program.

Jason Blanforo -

What I like most about this anti-spyware software is that it allows flexible scan and restoring any changes even if I delete something by mistake. And I found fewer PC problems after running it. Just want to drop this good comment to support and thank you guys.

Parker Dunne -

Security Guru Free has been my old friend in my "Fix-it" bag for removing malware since my roommate recommended it to me. A loyal guy doing what he says.

Jerry Andrews -

I used Security Guru Free. Easy install and uninstall. It has detected and removed several threats in my laptop and doesn't slow down my machine one bit. So I'd like to recommend this product, without reservation, to anyone!

Dennis Pepin -

Security Guru Free is my loyal security guard. Best ever! Never bothered by any spyware again since I made it run daily on my computer 5 months ago.

Preston Welch -

I love this malware removal tool because I can use it to scan any area as I want and skip some certain big files. Saves me lots of time. One more thing, not hard to use at all!

Eroc Harris -

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Our free security guru software has many functions. It enables you to scan, detect and remove any spyware. The use-friendly interface will guide you operate without hassle.